Greenman Rising

Greenman Rising is a folk band based in the English Midlands. ...
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Line-up of the Ragged Bear Festival 2016

Friday 11 November 2016
Saturday 12 November 2016
Sunday 13 November 2016

Friday Launch Party

Friday night Ceilidh

Separately ticketed dance at Co-op Social Club

Saturday line-up

Leatherat - Neck - Merry Hell - Stick in the wheel - Wild Willy Barrett's French Connection - Folkestra - Leylines - Lucky Strikes - Greenman Rising - Gaz Brookfield - Funke and the Two Tone Baby - Band From County Hell - Bleeding Hearts - Fanzines - Devil's Prefects - Kim Lowings & the Greenwood - Green Fortune - Whiskey Rebellion

Sunday Hangover Cure

Holly Perkins - Tom Bentley - Steven Birks - Ruthie Coles - Brian Stone Stevie "One bloke one mandolin"

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