Ratcliffe Highway played on James Fagan's "Thank Goodness its Folk" radio show

“reminds me of kind a bit of a folky Joe Cocker, and I think you’ll know what I mean”

NOTE: James Fagan is a great folk musician and singer, often to be found playing and singing with Nancy Kerr (and with The James Brothers, Melrose Quartet, Glorystrokes). If you haven’t seen them then you are due a treat.

Check them out on Youtube, buy CDs, and remember, music is even better live!

Greenman Rising on R2 magazine cover disk

Greenman Rising are on the “UN-HERD” cover disk of July/August 2016 R2 magazine.

The Ballad of Shakey Willy (by Jen Waghorn)

We played for the party (in the Other Place Theatre, Stratford-upon-Avon) the other week for the British Graduate Shakespeare Conference 2016.

This is what our Jen got up to in the interval.

In her own words …

“Commissioned for the British Graduate Shakespeare Conference 2016, The Ballad of Shakey Willy is my attempt to get the naughty bits of every Shakespeare play (and a couple of his poems) into one song. There’s nothing like a bit of vaguely academically-researched filth to commemorate 400 years of the man himself.

“This is a live recording of the song’s first performance at the RSC’s The Other Place - thanks to Charlie Morton for recording it, to the Britgrad committee for letting me perform such a bloody long song in the middle of a party, and to the audience for laughing in all the right places.

“An audio version will be available as a music download very soon!

(quick footnote: since the recording I’ve added a line about Love’s Labours Won to the song, just to be thorough)”