Greenman Rising on R2 magazine cover disk

Greenman Rising are on the “UN-HERD” cover disk of July/August 2016 R2 magazine.

The Ballad of Shakey Willy (by Jen Waghorn)

We played for the party (in the Other Place Theatre, Stratford-upon-Avon) the other week for the British Graduate Shakespeare Conference 2016.

This is what our Jen got up to in the interval.

In her own words …

“Commissioned for the British Graduate Shakespeare Conference 2016, The Ballad of Shakey Willy is my attempt to get the naughty bits of every Shakespeare play (and a couple of his poems) into one song. There’s nothing like a bit of vaguely academically-researched filth to commemorate 400 years of the man himself.

“This is a live recording of the song’s first performance at the RSC’s The Other Place - thanks to Charlie Morton for recording it, to the Britgrad committee for letting me perform such a bloody long song in the middle of a party, and to the audience for laughing in all the right places.

“An audio version will be available as a music download very soon!

(quick footnote: since the recording I’ve added a line about Love’s Labours Won to the song, just to be thorough)”