Festivals past and future.

  • Updated June 2nd 2023

I got to thinking about making a list of all the festivals we’ve been invited to over the past few years. So having a think, and picking a few brains a list came together. If there’s any missing, drop us an email or tweet.

  • Battle of Evesham Mediaeval Festival
  • Battle of Tewkesbury
  • Bearded Theory
  • Beautiful Days
  • Bo Peep Cider Festival
  • Boomtown Fair
  • Bloxfest
  • Cloggersfest
  • Compton Verney Festival
  • Deerstock
  • Eden Festival
  • Festival at the Edge
  • Gibfest
  • Solfest
  • Stratford-upon-Avon Fabfest
  • Stratford-upon-Avon River Festival
  • Govida Festival
  • The Green Gathering
  • Lakefest
  • Leigh Folk Festival
  • Midlands History Festival
  • Watchet Festival
  • Boomtown Fair
  • Bearded Theory Spring Gathering
  • Trowbridge Festival
  • Norsehampton Viking Festival
  • The Mercian Gathering
  • Battle of Cropredy Bridge – 375 Commemoration
  • Detectival
  • Trowbridge Festival
  • Love Folk Festival
  • Clun Greenman Festival
  • Beardy |Folk Festival

… and of course, our own Ragged Bear Festival

These are just the festivals, so this does not include all of the folk clubs, gigs at music venues, a years residency at Brewdog Birmingham, private parties and ceilidhs, dozens of re-enactor, Viking, Civil War, Napoleonic Associations events etc etc that we’ve played.

Ragged Bear Festival line-up 2019

We’ve announced the line-up at our Ragged Bear Festival, see poster image below.

Get more info on the Ragged Bear Festival website.

Boomtown Fair 2019

Boomtown Fair have officially announced the area and stage that we’re playing on, meaning that we can now talk about it.

It’s Friday (August 09) on the Foggers Mill stage in the Copper County area.

Boomtown Fair is a big event that is set up like no other festival we’ve seen. Huge sets, actors and theatre are an integral part of the festival, just take a look at this for the Copper County area we will be playing in: